Features and Benefits

OnBoard is a powerful tool for tapping into the information and knowledge streams that flow within the boundaries and partitions of your organization – in the minds of your people. With OnBoard you provide a safe environment where your employees can ‘hang out’ and strike up conversations. A space to meet and engage with colleagues, make new friends and discuss topics of interest whether it’s music, books or anything else under the sun. A space where information flows, and knowledge is created.

OnBoard is all about discovery – latent talent, hidden interests, untapped skills & knowledge. While organizations need hierarchies & partitions for their functioning, these are also responsible for creating boundaries, which restrict the free-flow of knowledge and information. OnBoard dissolves these boundaries by providing a powerful and yet easy-to-use interaction platform – across the organization!

OnBoard lets you touch the pulse of your organization – your people and what makes them tick. You will get more insight into the issues they face and address them. You will be able to see and participate in conversations involving ideas, problems, complaints, suggestions, and through this you will dramatically impact your organization’s culture by enabling employees across all levels to interact openly. There will be a free flow of ideas and increased participation in discussions. With all this, you will have employees who are more relaxed, yet, more productive, and, who are more appreciative of the work culture and the organisation.

  • Benefits for Organizations
  • Benefits for Employees

Thoughtful controls, extensive information – with remarkable ease of use.

Social interaction mechanisms & structured workflows – to make the workplace interesting & informative.

OnBoard blends ongoing conversation-streams, with an extremely easy to use content repository and a range of business workflows to serve as a scalable repository for your organisational wisdom and knowledge.

The Meetings Module of OnBoard will delight every manager with how it allows her to keep track of all the action points recorded in each and every meeting, along with all the points that were discussed and information generated.

The Planning Module allows the organisation to make collaborative event and task scheduling a way of life among its members. And there’s more to come. The OnBoard Admin Panel provides all the tools required for creating users, managing their access and permissions and most important, to analyse usage and patterns. The Admin Panel covers:

  • Community Management: to manage global settings, allowed domains, restrictions on usage, etc.
  • Usage Stats: to analyse user participation & usage data – identify popular areas, trending topics, the most active users, and more.
  • User Management: manage the users who have access, including hierarchy, roles, etc.
  • Group Management: manage your company Divisions & the policies relating to Public and Private Groups within OnBoard.
  • Content Management: track the content being generated, moderate if required, remove spam or objectionable content, etc.
  • Document Management: manage the policies relating to the Document Repository in OnBoard, such as the maximum size of documents, setting extension of files that can be uploaded, and more. Also perform administrative tasks like deleting documents if required.
  • Account Management: manage your OnBoard account, including billing information, adding additional users, etc
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