BackTrack - An Incremental Data Backup Solution

Would you like to ensure that your business data is safe even if the hard disk/system crashes or a calamity strikes? Would you like to shield your business data from recurrent virus attacks/file corruption/human errors? Do you need to automate the backup process, rather than leave it to individual users? Wouldn’t you rather have a proactive backup mechanism that saves data regularly instead of a data recovery process that tries to salvage data after it’s lost? Would you like your business data backup to be secure and protected against misuse? Yes to any of the above? You may want to evaluate BackTrack, the LAN-based backup solution from QLC.

BackTrack – An Incremental Data Backup Solution

Your employees need to have continuous access to business data/information for the organization to function smoothly. But data is vulnerable to loss – lost information can cause a major crisis and be extremely difficult to piece back. Often, due to our busy schedules or “can’t be bothered” attitude, we forget the basic requirement to prevent such loss – data backup! How do you fit in regular backup of your business information without having to alter your work schedule? With BackTrack, the LAN-based solution that provides a reliable system for incrementally backing up and storing computer files automatically, in real-time. It is simple to install & configure, extremely user friendly and can –

  • Run on all/any number of computers within your LAN
  • Centrally store all user data on a server machine
  • Allow all users to send data to the server as per pre-set schedules
  • Facilitate incremental backup of data i.e. Only modified/updated files are backed up by overwriting the corresponding existing files
  • Store backed up data in a compressed format to save space
  • Encrypt data before backup
  • Control access to backed up data via password
  • Easily recover data when required; no tape search; folder structure and file name maintained
  • Create a backup of Zip store at any other location over the network
  • Filter files for backup on the basis of file type
  • Provide backup details through summary emails
  • Create a backup of the configuration settings on a rotational basis
  • Provide logs and statistics for administrative control

You can even use BackTrack to store your business data on a remote FTP service (if you have FTP services)!

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