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BackTrack - An Incremental Data Backup Solution

The BackTrack system comprises of two components:

  • BackTrack Server
  • BackTrack User

The BackTrack Server runs on one central machine on your LAN, whereas the BackTrack User runs on ALL the computers within the LAN. The BackTrack Server backs up data from the entire LAN to a central server.


The BackTrack User is configured as per individual user’s preference. It periodically (user configurable) sends the user’s data to BackTrack Server.

BackTrack backup is intelligent. Only updated/modified files are backed up. Data is transferred to the BackTrack Server after compression. Optionally the data may be encrypted before being backed up.

Once a day, the BackTrack Server can optionally transfer the backed up data to any remote FTP Server. Again, only the updated/modified files are backed up.

Technically, the BackTrack Server has an FTP service running in the background. The BackTrack User connects to the BackTrack Server via FTP and transfers (uploads) the required files to the BackTrack Server.

The BackTrack Server can connect to any remote FTP Server and transfer (upload) the required files to the Remote FTP Server.

BackTrack now also enables seamless backup of open Microsoft Outlook PST files. This allows complete email backup while you’re still working on them and ensures disaster recovery in the unlikely event of a system failure.

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